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Advanced Panel of Clients

Friendly panel for your unlimited web hosting or other hosting
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OX Apps Suite

Hosting for Wordpress

Optimized for Wordpress, We totally transferred your site from another one hosting free

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Plans of hosting with SSL free

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  • Personal Hosting
  • trong>$40.000 Annual trong>+ IVA/
  • trong>500MBAlmacenamiento Web + trong>10 Gigas for post office
  • trong>2 Post-office boxes
  • trong>5GB Capacity by square
  • trong>1 Subdominios
  • trong>1 Bases of data
  • trong>Certificate SSL Free
  • trong>30GB monthly Transference
  • To solicit
  • Hosting SME
  • trong>$60.000 Annual trong>+ IVA/
  • trong>1GB Storage Web + trong>25 Gigas for post office
  • trong>5 Post-office boxes
  • trong>5GB Capacity by square
  • trong>2 Subdominios
  • trong>2 Bases of data
  • trong>Certificate SSL Free
  • trong>50GB monthly Transference
  • To solicit
  • Enterprise Hosting
  • trong>$100.000 + IVA/Anual
  • trong>2GB Storage Web + trong>50 Gigas for post office
  • trong>10 Post-office boxes
  • trong>5GB Capacity by square
  • trong>4 Subdominios
  • trong>4 Bases of data
  • trong>Certificate SSL Free
  • trong>100GB monthly Transference
  • To solicit
  • Corporative Hosting
  • trong>$180.000 Annual trong>+ IVA/
  • trong>3GB Storage Web + trong>100 Gigas for post office
  • trong>20 Post-office boxes
  • trong>5GB Capacity by square
  • trong>6 Subdominios
  • trong>6 Bases of data
  • trong>Certificate SSL Free
  • trong>200GB monthly Transference
  • To solicit

trong>It never remains more without capacity in his post office
Ours hosting advanced counts on Squares of 5GB

trong>Servers Always in line
Servers Dell - Hosting Uptime guaranteed of 99,9%

trong>Support for your hosting to All Hour
Videos of help, Chat, telephone and tickets of support

trong>The Security that your hosting requires
Endorsements in emergency, Codeguard and Cloudflare

Hosting compatible with the method of payment of Transbank

With Fullx it can use webpay in his site.

Supported in a solid infrastructure



Reliable and safe the Control Panel of hosting but of the market.

Cpanel is the management system for its website, where you will be able to form his accesses FTP, subdomains and data bases. You will always have completes it totally version updated and available in Spanish.




Cloudflare optimizes your site improving the yield and accelerating the load in a 30%, also it blocks attacks and it limits abusive robots that connect the servant. trong>BigHoster is authorized Partner of Cloudflare.



Endorsements and tranquillity in the cloud for your website.

All the websites run the risk of accidents and the loss of data. The backup copies in the vps web hosting cloud of CodeGuard hosting will allow him to recover the information of his right away, just by some click.

OX Apps Suite

OX App Suite

The Perfect suite for the administration of your corporative post office.

OX App Suite, is the surroundings of communications centralized in the Cloud that allows you to manage your business or company from any device with the help of our cheap vps hosting plan. Each post-office box counts on 5GB of storage.

All our Plans are compatible with Wordpress

It installs Wordpress in a single click

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