To eliminate Post office via FTP

In the case that the capacity of storage of your hosting has been used totally you have two options.
  • To eliminate post office via FTP
  • To change to a plan of greater capacity
  • Additional 1GB (To validate with support if its plan counts on this option)
1. - It can pan class="m_5941682693611919594gmail-m_4930565618437623925gmail-m_1173659546620675154gmail-m_5070887045523235590gmail-m_-8075899238144071047gmail-m_7004552736489646516gmail-il">eliminate post office through webmail or using a client pan class="m_5941682693611919594gmail-m_4930565618437623925gmail-m_1173659546620675154gmail-m_5070887045523235590gmail-m_-8075899238144071047gmail-m_7004552736489646516gmail-m_63408132135897835gmail-m_-942273715189517469gmail-m_3841407202384286304gmail-m_3186354410283018365m_-4628287214450868823gmail-m_-7875644980320093801gmail-m_6862110075978529983gmail-m_3888030263103999949gmail-m_-33646094953307188gmail-m_-7295331229444970057gmail-m_-1385403607295810693gmail-il">FTP as Filezilla (to unload this program in the version is Windows the one that appears in green recomemded), 

Soon the program settles and when already being installed you enter and the program asks for some data as: 

Once it has entered the right flank they will appear several folders and must look for the folder Mail 

It will have to sail by the folders:

mail/name of its /casilla domain of pan class="m_5941682693611919594gmail-m_4930565618437623925gmail-m_1173659546620675154gmail-m_-8075899238144071047gmail-m_7004552736489646516gmail-il">mail/cur/

It will be able pan class="m_5941682693611919594gmail-m_4930565618437623925gmail-m_1173659546620675154gmail-m_-8075899238144071047gmail-m_7004552736489646516gmail-il">to eliminate all the existing information, nevertheless, will not be able to only see that this eliminating, since side the date of creation of the pan class="m_5941682693611919594gmail-m_4930565618437623925gmail-m_1173659546620675154gmail-m_-8075899238144071047gmail-m_7004552736489646516gmail-il">mail.

For the additional Upgrade and 1GB to contact to
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