Its site more surely and always online

CloudFlare protects, accelerates and improves the availability of the website. CloudFlare obtains this through a global network included in 42 datacenters distributed in 27 countries including one in Chile. The network automatically optimizes the site assuring to the visitors who obtain the best times of unloading and the best possible yield. CloudFlare also blocks threats and limits the abuse of bots and navigators who consume resource and bandwidth of the servant.
  • Gratuitous activation
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  • It accelerates your website
  • Spammers filters robots
  • The transference use falls
  • It optimizes your website
  • It improves your uptime



It distributes his site anywhere in the world, thus his site this but close. Improving the speed.


Dedicated DNS to connect your fast site but, with better yield and but security.


It optimizes the consumption of resources of data transfer and resources of the servant.




You can analyze the behavior from the visits to your site.


Applications available even to improve the yield and security of your site.

Security for its site

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As CloudFlare works?

CloudFlare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that replica the static content of your website in its network of different servers in Datacenter. When a usuary one visits your website, CloudFlare sends the archives from the servant but near its place of access accelerating the load of your website in considerable form.

What Advantages have CloudFlare?

In case the main servant presents some problem, your website always will be in line, without no type alterations for navigation.

  • - It accelerates of load of the website.
  • - It protects your website of attacks DDOS.
  • - The transference consumption falls.
  • - It filters information from your site to bots Spam.

What is the value?

It is completely FREE for all our clients. You only must activate it from your Cpanel access in the s

BigHoster is an authorized Partner of CloudFlare.

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