Backup copies of the cloud for its website!


All the Web sites run the risk of accidents and loss of data. The backup copies in the cloud of CodeGuard allow him to recover the data of their site at any time.

Endorsements in the cloud that work!

Automatic endorsements

CodeGuard realises daily automatic backup copies of its content. Reason why you do not have to worry about endorsements manuals.

Easy configuration

Being that CodeGuard is a system in the cloud, the configuration is very simple, it is only necessary to enter the FTP data and the system initiated the process immediately.

Daily monitoring

If CodeGuard detects a change, an e-mail is sent notifying what it has been added, modified or eliminated with the date and the hour of the change.

As it works?

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It connects his website

Its access FTP connects its site to CodeGuard using. Once connected, an initial endorsement will be realised automatically.

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Permanent updates

CodeGuard automatically monitors the archives and data bases by changes, realise endorsements and notify of those changes to their email.

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Restoration of data

It recovers his website or data base, can unload a file zip, realise an automatic restoration or recover individual archives.

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