The dedicated server service leader at world-wide level now available for the post office of its company.

GMail for Companies

Gmail for companies offers a capacity of storage of 30 GB by user using the domain of the company, an advanced filter anti-Spam, furthermore is compatible with Blackberry and Outlook, an availability of 99.9%.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is your own repositorio of archives and folders in the cloud. In him you can store and work of collaborative way. With Google Drive you can accede to archives, to folders and documents of Google Docs from a navigating Web or any device in which you have installed Google Drive.

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Google Calendar

Web is a calendar completely, allows the employees to work, since it facilitates the management of his appointments of a easier way, fast and altogether efficiently simple.

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Tools that GSuite Incluye

GMail Hangouts Calendar Google+
Professional, personalizable e-mail and without announcements with 30 GB of storage in the inbox and uninterrupted attendance. Connect to you through chats, videollamadas calls or. It saves money and time in trips, without resigning to the advantages of the expensive contact to face. It spends less time to the planning and more to the work with the calendars of Google. Google+ allows you to share ideas with greater facility, thus to collaborate with your clients and fellow workers.
Google Drive
Mantén all the archives in a same location and always accedes to the up-to-date version more, you are where you are. It automatically synchronizes the archives from your desktop computer and accedes to them from any device.
Documents Leaves of calculation Forms
Chat, telephone, mail, whatsapp, the option that your you prefer. We less than respond your consultations in 10 minutes. We know much and we are ready to help you in your projects.
Presentations Sites  
Chat, telephone, mail, whatsapp, the option that your you prefer. We less than respond your consultations in 10 minutes.  
Google Admin Vault
For the administration, a manual would not have to be necessary. It adds to users, it administers devices and it forms the security and other adjustments so that your data are always safe. Google Vault allows you to conserve, to retain, search and to export data to respond to the needs of filed and electronic discovery of your organization. But information
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