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Better rendimiendo for its site.

  • VPS Platinium
  • trong>$40.000 Monthly trong>+ IVA/
  • trong>40 Gigas Storage Web
  • trong>40 Gigas Disco for Endorsements
  • trong>1GB Ram memory
  • trong>1.000GB Monthly Transference
  • trong>2 Dedicated trong>IPs
  • trong>Cpanel/WHM Including
  • To solicit
  • Premium VPS
  • trong>$55.000 Monthly trong>+ IVA/
  • trong>80 Gigas Storage Web
  • trong>80 Gigas Disco for Endorsements
  • trong>2GB Ram memory
  • trong>1.000GB Monthly Transference
  • trong>2 Dedicated trong>IPs
  • trong>Cpanel/WHM Including
  • To solicit
  • Professional VPS
  • trong>$70.000 Monthly trong>+ IVA/
  • trong>160 Gigas Storage Web
  • trong>160 Gigas Disco for Endorsements
  • trong>4GB Ram memory
  • trong>1.000GB Monthly Transference
  • trong>2 Dedicated trong>IPs
  • trong>Cpanel/WHM Including
  • To solicit
Damages a pair of hours for the activation We migrate your website Dedicated support
Servant VPS is only activated after the verification of payment. We helped with the migration from another one proveedor* you We activated the VPS to you with plugins and configurations that you need.
One is a “integrated virtual servant” in a physical servant who lodges other virtual servers. Each VPS is completely separated of the other virtual servers. It has a use reserved of capacity of storage (disc), ram memory and processor.

All business, company, lie down online or website with high traffic Web or of post office would have to consider to migrate of a shared lodging a servant VPS.
Advantages of a VPS
Not only it provides major freedom to install customized software that you could not do in hosting shared, but you among others inherit privileges of root that allows you to form, to install, to reinitiate and to adapt to your taste the system and to create your own safety ruleses. In addition to giving to autonomy and independence since an IP of exclusive conn
Before deciding on a VPS, you must consider if it has the technical knowledge necessary to be able to administer his servant. If it does not have them is highly advisable to think about contracting a service of administration, since it allows to save time and resources for the correct configuration of security and optimization of the system.

This is very important because to leave your VPS without a correct configuration of security it implies enormous risks that probably you nor your company are going to want to run.

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Frequent questions

The virtual VPS or private servers (Virtual Deprive Server to you) are created servers using the technology of visualization of servers. The VPS behave exactly as a dedicated servant in who it administers his own processes, users, archives, software, etc. Each VPS has their own operating system and its own dir

FlexibilidadSi needs special configurations in its servant, as installing some customized bookstores, accesses or data bases, a VPS is the best solution since it can form the servant to his pleasure.

SeguridadEn a VPS has the total control of the processes within the VPS, which are not shared with other users and where it will be able to administer his own Firewall.

RendimientoEn a VPS has assigned fixed resources, as a certain amount of Memory, Disc space and CPU. This isolation of resources assures to him that no action brought about by other users affected the operation of its service.

The VPS are installed in less than 24 hours after the confirmation of the payment. In this time the VPS is formed, the operating system selected by the client settles and the Control Panel settles (in case of to have asked for one).

No, we do not give period of test for this service.

Absolutely, it can happen to a greater plan of VPS when you need it and without problems which his servant can be offline.

That will depend on the servant, in average 3 or 4 VPS by each node.

If, you can lodge LEGAL adult content.

No. The Warez content or any illegal content and conn

If, it can install and use any system of streaming of audio or compatible video with its VPS acceding as root.

All our VPS are administered, we were in charge of the handling and total administration of its VPS.

No. As administrator of his servant VPS, you must realise backup copies from his Control Panel (Cpanel). If it needs to contract backup copies daily or weekly of their servant VPS contact our sales staff.

In our servers VPS we offer Linux CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu (cpanel only can be acquired with CentOS).

Average of Payment