Registry of Domains

It does not lose his domain, registers it in BigHoster today and administers it without intermediaries.

trong>Easy administration of its domain.

It can change his servers DNS, direct easily without intermediaries, in addition to many additional functions.

trong>Notifications of renovation.

Mantentemos informed to you so that you do not forget the renovation your domain.

trong>Thousand of domains registered.

And it follows in increase, we registered new domains day to day.

Main extensions of domain

Domain to 1er Year 2nd Year to 3er Year 4to Year 5to Year
.com $8.500 $17.000 $25.500 $34.000 $40.000
.net $12.500 $25.000 $37.500 $50.000 $62.500
.org $12.500 $25.000 $37.500 $50.000 $62.500
.info $8.500 $17.000 $25.500 $34.000 $40.000
.tv $24.000 $48.000 $70.000 $94.000 $115.000
.in $8.500 $15.000 $25.500 $34.000 $40.000

Frequent questions

The recording immediate is once confirmed the payment in office schedule. If you pay the domain with credit card the activation is immediate not concerning the hour of the request.
However, the visibility of the domain in Internet can take up to 24 hours until the propagation in Internet is completed although the majority of the times only takes 1 hour.

If the name that wanted already for its domain is being used, it will not be able to buy it in our webpage. Perhaps it wishes to register a name of alternative domain. It proves an extension different or to even change to the domain by means of scripts or other words.

Due to the own international system of registry of domains, these cannot be cancelled. Once registered, one stays during a year, or the time that has been asked for. Reimbursements by requests of domains are not realised.

BigHoster would send a mail to him of confirmation of the recording of the domain.

You, your company, or that you choose are the proprietor of the domain.

If it is registering a name of domain for other people or companies, it uses the personal data of these. Thus one makes sure that the information of the proprietor of the domain is correct and will avoid problems in the future.

If, it can register any name of domain with the purpose of to assure it for a future.

No. The system automatically assigns the DSN of our servant to its domain.

In BigHoster you are the owner of his domain and will be able to have access to modify so much the DNS as the data of the domain the 24 hours of the 365 days of the year.
Within his area of client you will be able to realise the following thing:

To change Names of Servidores (DNS).
To register name of own servers (Child DNS).
To block and to deactivate prot

To change recorder name of the domain.
To add or to administer the contacts of the domain (administrative, technical and of invoicing).

In order to transfer a domain make sure to have the secret code of the domain and that the record locking of the domain this deactivating.

In order to solicit it only enters to this I tie and of click in “Verifying availability”.

The generally hard transference of domains between 5 and 8 days, suggests the clients who transfer their domains before the period of expiration of the domain

The maximum time is of 5 years. He is recommendable to register the domain by several years since it will leave economic and it will not have to worry about the renovations during long time.

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